It is impossible to know the full extent of modern slavery. What we do know is that it affects many millions of people worldwide.

Global estimates put the figure at more than 40 million.

The victims are young girls raped 20 times a day in brothels. Eight-year-old boys forced to work in blisteringly hot and unsafe factories to produce cheap goods for the West – barely sleeping, eating or drinking. Innocent children working in fields or forced into begging. Men and women having their organs cut out and sold to Western bidders.

One in four of the victims are children and 70 percent are women and girls. Murders are commonplace and violence is a way of life. Innocent people are taken, destroyed and discarded.

Human trafficking is the greatest human tragedy that has fallen upon us. It has to be avoided and the younger generation has to be the torchbearers against it. 

President Ram Nath Kovind of India, Justice and Care Reception